Asian Tripoints

A tripoint, is a geographical point at which the boundaries of three countries meet. These can be on land (dry) or demarcated by rivers or lakes (wet). Tripoints can be easy to access or isolated, they can be marked with large monuments or not easily identifiable at all. There are 48 Asian Tripoints. The challenges of visiting Asian tripoints are not only distance from the UK but that they are either disputed or in terrain which is difficult to reach. Security concerns makes visits to borders a logistical and organisational challenge.

LLMMTH – my first tripoint visited in 1986. Tripoint of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand located in the middle of the Mekong at the confluence with the Ruak River.

Table: Asian Tripoints

1AEOMSAOman – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates22°42′30″N 55°13′EDry
2AFCNPKAfghanistan – China – Pakistan37°2′N 74°34′EDry
3AFCNTJAfghanistan – China – Tajikistan37°14′N 74°53′EDry
4AFIRPKAfghanistan –  Iran – Pakistan29.8610°N
5AFIRTMAfghanistan – Iran – Turkmenistan35°37′N 61°17′EDry
6AFTJUZAfghanistan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan37°10′N 67°47′EWet
7AFTMUZAfghanistan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan37°21′N 66°33′EBoth
8AMAZGEArmenia – Azerbaijan – Georgia41°18′07″N
9AMAZIReArmenia – Azerbaijan – Iran (east)38°52′N 46°32′EWet
10AMAZIRwArmenia – Azerbaijan – Iran (west)38°51′N 46°9′EWet
11AMAZTRArmenia – Azerbaijan – Turkey39°43′N 44°46′EWet
12AMGETRArmenia – Georgia – Turkey41°8′N 43°28′EDry
13AZGERUAzerbaijan – Georgia – Russia41°54′00″N 
14AZIRTRAzerbaijan – Iran – Turkey39°38′N 44°49′EWetDisputed
15BDINMMBangladesh – India – Myanmar21°58′N 92°36′EWetTin Mukh
16BTCNINeBhutan – China – India (east)27°46′N 91°39′EDryDisputed
17BTCNINwBhutan – China – India (west)27°20′N 88°55′EDry
18CNINMMChina – India – Myanmar28°13′N 97°21′EDryDisputed
19CNINNPeChina – India – Nepal (east)27°53′N 88°8′EDryJongsong Peak
20CNINNPwChina – India – Nepal (west)30°12′N 81°2′EDryDisputed
21CNINPKChina – India – Pakistan35.6°N 76.8°EDryDisputed Siachen Glacier (de facto)
22CNKGKZChina – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan42°13′N 80°10′EDry
23CNKGTJChina – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan39°28′N 73°36′EDry
24CNKPRUChina – North Korea – Russia42°25′N 130°38′EWetKrogh (2011)
Palmberg (2011)
25CNKZRUChina – Kazakhstan – Russia49.0998°N 87.3123°EDry
26CNLAMMChina – Laos – Myanmar21°34′N 101°9′EWet
27CNLAVNChina – Laos – Vietnam22°24′N 102°9′EDry
28CNMNRUeChina – Mongolia – Russia (east)49°50′42.3″N 
29CNMNRUwChina – Mongolia – Russia (west)49°10′13.5″N 
30EGILJOEgypt – Israel – Jordan29°25’24″N 34°55’49″EWet
31EGILPSEgypt – Israel – Palestine31°13′N 34°16′EDry
32EGJOSAEgypt – Jordan – Saudi Arabia29°23’17″N 34°54’26″E Wet
33ILJOSYIsrael – Jordan – Syria32°45′N 35°45′EWet Disputed
34ILJOPSnIsrael – Jordan – Palestine (north)32°23′N 35°33′EWetDisputed
35ILJOPSsIsrael – Jordan – Palestine (south)31°30′N 35°29′EWetDisputed
36ILLBSYIsrael – Lebanon – Syria32°45′N 35°45′EDry
37IQIRTRIran – Iraq – Turkey37°9′N 44°47′EDry
38IQJOSAIraq – Jordan – Saudi Arabia29°6′N 46°33′EDry
39IQJOSYIraq – Jordan – Syria33°22′N 38°48′EDry
40IQKWSAIraq – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia29°6′N 46°33′EDry
41IQSYTRIraq – Syria – Turkey37.1116°N 42.3633°EWet
42KGKZUZKyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan42°16′N 70°57′EDry
43KGTJUZKyrgyzstan – Tajikistan –
40°14′N 70°59′EDry
44KHLATHCambodia – Laos – Thailand14°20’33″N 105°12’23″EWet
45KHLAVNCambodia – Laos – Vietnam14°41′N 107°33′EDry
46KZTMUZKazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan41°19′N 56°0′EDry
47LAMMTHLaos – Myanmar – Thailand20°21′N 100°5′EWetPalmberg (1995)
48OMSAYEOman – Saudi Arabia – Yemen18°59’57″N 52°0’12″EDry

Maps of Asian Tripoints

Location of the Asian Tripoints by Type
Map1 Details of the Middle East
Map 2 Details of the Caucasus region.
Map 3 Details of the “Stans”
Class ATouched
Class B
Basically there.
Successful attempt to reach wet tripoint by wading, swimming or canoeing.
Class CWithin 500m, visible
Class DDistant. visible
Class ETripoint area visited but Tripoint not observed.
Source: Acroorca (2002)
Published on Boundarypoint 12/07/2003.

My Tripoint Gallery (1 out of 48 visited so far)

The International Standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions is  ISO 3166 this allocates a 2 letter designation to each country.  When identifying a tripoint it is necessary to collate the 3 country codes in alphabetical order, hence the tripoint between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand becomes LAMMTH. The US and Canada often use 2 letters to denote states and provinces e.g. Alabama AL which is technically incorrect as all sub national territories according to ISO 3166 should have the initial 2 letter country designation followed by up to 3 further letters. Alabama ought therefore be US- AL. Delaware has the same 2 letter code as Germany: DE which has the potential for confusion.

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Tripoints 1-16

Tripoints 17-32

Tripoints 33-48


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