tripoint, is a geographical point at which the boundaries of three countries meet. These can be on land (dry) or demarcated by rivers or lakes (wet). Tripoints can be easy to access or isolated, they can be marked with large monuments or not easily identifiable at all.

Example of a wet Tripoint

ATCZSK Austria – Czech Republic – Slovakia Tripoint is at the confluence of the Thaya and March Rivers. (Photo taken from CZ with SK to the right and Austria to the left. Visiting the tripoint involves a 5km walk along the Czech river bank. There are a few signs and statues at the Tripoint.

LLMMTH – my first tripoint visited in 1986. Tripoint of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand located in the middle of the Mekong at the confluence with the Ruak River.

Example of a dry Tripoint

BEDENL is an extremely accessible Tripoint being very close to neighbouring towns and cities. The tripoint itself is close to the highest point in the Netherlands ( Vaalserberg 322.4m) and an observation tower and several restaurants and playground facilities.

Tripoint StatisticsDRYBOTHWET
Number of tripoints in Africa6126431
Number of tripoints in America16511
Number of tripoints in Asia4832115
Number of tripoints in Europe4826319
Global Statistics17389876
Tripoint VISIT Classes
Class ATouched
Class BBasically there. Successful attempt to reach wet tripoint by wading, swimming or canoeing.
Class CWithin 500m, visible
Class DDistant. visible
Class ETripoint area visited but Tripoint not observed.
Source: Acroorca (2002) Published on Boundarypoint 12/07/2003.

ISO 3166

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