Useful websites from other Border Enthusiasts

  1. Jan Krogh’s Geosite, a leading website in the area and one I use a lot for research
  2. Jannis Deeleman’s website on the Belgian Border and wider European borders
  3. Jannis Deelman’s website on his various trips to European borders
  4. Hugh’s Border Blog
  5. Eberhard Gutberlett’s Germany focused website…/deutschland…/index.html
  6. Rolf Palmberg’s Tripoint spotting
  7. Rolf Palmberg’s Borders Borders Borders:
  8. Peter Hering’s  Border Pictures
  9. Harry ten Veen Borderland
  10. Eef Berns The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all markers
  11. Michael Moll Die Weltenbummler.   A German Language Website with a focus on geographical points of interest and tripoints:

Other useful resources

  1. IBRU: Centre for Borders Research
  2. Museum of Polish Border Guard,Ochrona-fizyczna-1945-1990.html
  3. Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes. Border archive material
  4. Boundary Point – the complete archives. BoundaryPoint was an email group for discussion of international and internal political boundaries worldwide between 2000 and 2007. Amazing resource of ideas, maps and photos.
  5. Sovereign Limits is a comprehensive and thoroughly researched digital database of land and maritime boundaries. Subscription unfortunately but the database is here

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