This site focuses on my visits to international tripoints, borders and areas of geographical interest. The main focus of the site is outlined in the areas of interest below which will be reflected within my visits reports and within designated sections of the website. As part of a wider group of enthusiasts I will provide links to their contributions in documenting the points where countries meet. I hope that you find the content of interest and please do contact me if you have any questions and comments.

Areas of Interest


BYRUUA – the tripoint between Belarus – Russia and Ukraine

BYLTLV – the tripoint between Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia
CZPLSK – the tripoint between the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
ASESFRw the western tripoint between Andorra, Spain and France
BGMKRS – the tripoint between Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia
BGGRTR – the tripoint between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
BGGRMK – the tripoint between Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia.

Border Markers

Russian Border Marker marking the boundary with Ukraine.
Austria/Germany Border marker
Czech/German Border marker
The prenultimate border marker on the ESFR border overlooking the Mediterranean 
Bulgaria- Macedonia Border Marker
India/Pakistan BM #102

Border Crossings

Russian Border Crossing at Novy Yurkovich
The Belorussian control at Piackuny.
Austria/Slovenia border crossing
Germany/Poland border crossing
Estonia/Russia Border Crossing
Andorra/France Passport and Customs
Denmark – Germany Customs and COVID checks in 2021
Rudbøl/Rosenkranz Border Crossing

Border Oddities & Extremities

The Vennbahn is a historical Belgian railway where the track (now cycle way) is deemed Belgian territory whilst the surrounding land is Germany.

Points of the compass country points will be recorded too.

The southernmost point in mainland Denmark.
The southernmost point of Germany

Enclaves and Exclaves

A gap in the Berlin Wall at Steinstücken exclave (1986)

Baarle-Hertog divided door with 2 numbers!
BM #38 ES/FR border with the Spanish exclave Llivia.
Vilmkærgård Farmhouse, Denmark
Peroñ de la Gomera     

Historical Borders

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin (1986)
Source: Wikipedia, Sansculotte

The Inner German Border at Hötensleben
Hejlsminde – on the 1864 -1920 border between Denmark and Germany.

Contemporary Borders

The border between Austria and Slovakia near Devin Castle where the Moravia River joins the Danube

The border between Belarus and Lithuania at Sakaline

Disused passport control booths between Spain and France at Portbou.
Bulgaria/Serbia Border

Border Blog

Capturing the breaking news on a variety of border related matters and providing updates on the website.

Embassies & Consulates

UK Embassy Tallinn
UK Embassy Copenhagen
UK Embassy in Sofia

Observing the different diplomatic missions in the cities I visit. Reported under my country visits.

IBRG Expeditions

Members of the BELEX18 expedition visiting Schengen.
Members of the BELEX18 expedition at BEDENL
Members of the AT20 expedition at Haldenwanger Eck – Germany’s Southernmost point
Members of the DEDK21 expedition at Christiansfeld
Members of SPEGEX -22 on the Rock of Gibraltar

About me

LAMMTH – my first tripoint visited in 1986.
On the Austria/Swiss Border

I live in London and work as a University teacher educator, following a career teaching in colleges and schools. I studied geography at school but during my career as a teacher my subjects were social sciences. This background has influenced my interest in the social, political and economic influences that borders have. Perhaps too, its because I live on an island that land borders have always interested me. Now that they have become much less formalised due to the EU and Schengen, borders on the edge of the EU are of particular interest. As outlined above visiting tripoints (22 and counting!) is a focus as well as capturing the associated border architecture – be that natural or artificial. Living near a border and its associated impact is something I try to discover. As Vice President of the International Border Research Group and now partially retired. so looking forward to more time visiting and exploring borders near and far.

Plans for 2020 involve returning to Romania and Estonia and visiting new border areas and hopefully more tripoints.

Acknowledgements to all those who support and help me on my visits.

On top of Pic de Médecourbe (2914m) ADESFRw
On the Austria/Italy Border
SK/UA border
Country #55
On the top of Mount Tumba (1880m). BGGRMK

ISO – 3166

The International Standard for country codes and codes for their subdivisions is  ISO 3166 this allocates a 2 letter designation to each country. Internal subdivisions have additional letters attached. For example Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of) is KP whereas United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the ) is GB. The site will follow apply ISO 3166 in its labelling. More details are available here.

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There is a Facebook Borders group where many discussions regarding international, and sub national borders occur. It is open to all who share the hobby of visiting borders and sharing ideas and information. Please click on the icon to link to the group.

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