The Eastern most point of Slovakia

Poland- Slovakia-Ukraine tripoint at Kremenec/Krzemieniec/Кременець (1221 m), in the Bukovec Mountains, north-east Slovakia. There are a few hiking trails from Nova Sedlica, the most eastern settlement in Slovakia and is a popular walk.  Locals were picking blueberries close to the tripoint.  The tripoint is marked by a marble monument and is also the easternmost point of Slovakia and the highest peak of the border between Slovakia and Ukraine. The monument was made in Slovakia, therefore the inscription Ukraine contains two errors, it was transported to the tripoint by a helicopter of the Slovak air force.

Krzemieniec also connects three protected territories: the Bieszczady National Park, the Slovak National Park “Połoniny” and the Ukrainian Użański National Park, which together form the International Biosphere Reserve “Eastern Carpathians”. It is the most eastern point of Slovakia and the external border of the EU and NATO.

Hiking map of the area, ascended by the red route and descended by the green.
PLSKUA Monument
Slovakian Symbol on Tripoint monument
Polish Symbol on Tripoint monument
Ukranian Symbol on Tripoint Monument
SKUA border which is the final part of the hiking trail.
SKUA border
#1 SK bordermarker SKUA border

#1 bordermarkers PL/UA border.
#2 bordermarkers PL/UA border.

X marks the spot! PL/UA border
Polish sign
SKPL Bordermarkers
SKPL Bordermarkers
Polish families picking Blueberries
Memorial found near the tripoint .
PL/SK Bordermarkers

Date of Visit 02/08/2008 Well marked trails throughout within the Polish and Slovakian national parks. I did not see any corresponding trails to Ukraine.

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