The top of Peč Mountain (1509 m) is where the tripoint between between Austria, Italy and Slovenia is located. Known in Slovenian as Tromeja, in German as Dreiländereck, and in Italian as Monte Forno. The three border area is seen as a symbol of peace and friendship among nations that, in the past, were politically divided. It is the junction of four languages – Slovenian, German, Italian and Friulian (an Italian dialect), and home to joint projects such as The Three Country Olympic Games where Slovenia, Austria and Italy competed together.

It is possible to hike from each country, we chose the Austrian chair life from Seltschach and then a 20 minute hike to the summit. These old style chairs need the safety bar lowered manually, something that we worked out quickly as we launched into mid air and the ground dropped alarmingly below us.

The hike was lovely with an Austrian restaurant at the beginning and beautiful views of the Julian Alps, the red cliffs of Dobrac and the lakes of Carinthia.

There are a variety of monuments surrounding the tripoint area as well as demarcated borders between the 3 countries. Some reports wrongly ascribe the tripoint to one of the newer monuments and not correct border marker. The borders are are close together and one step backwards and you are in a different country.

Tripoint Monument

Other Monuments

Slovenia with Italy on the right (note BM)
Placed in Slovenia with the white IT border marker visible behind the monument.
Slovenia, but the trees are Italian

Austrian – Slovenian Border

Austria – Italy Border markers (and signs)

Italy – Slovenia Border markers (and signs)

Ascent & Descent

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Date of Visit: 20.08.2011