The Belarus -Lithuania -Latvia Tripoint is located in the north eastern part of Lithuania and requires both permission to visit from the Lithuanian Border guard, arranged expertly by Jan Krogh and a long walk in. The tripoint is named Liudevinova (BY), Ludvinova (LV) and Liudvinavas (LT) and is situated in a park on the Lithuanian side with sculptures and other artefacts. The tripoint itself is a 6 meter square platform with the 3 border markers (at approximately 45 degrees from the central marker representing the tripoint itself. On the platform is possible to walk between each country. Off the platform it is possible to walk between Latvia and Lithuania but not Belarus. Many thanks to Jan Krogh for his arranging of this visit. Access from Lithuania, none available from Latvia nor Belarus although there is an access road.

The Latvian – Lithuanian Border runs east -west with the Belarus border intersecting at the platform.

Note that the Belarus column stands on a square plinth whilst the others are round.
Belarus – Liudevinova
Latvia – Ludvinova
Lithuania – Liudvinavas
My host Jan Krogh

Latvian Border

Latvia – Lithuania Border
Latvian – Belarus Border
Reverse of above BM
Jan on the Tripoint Platform. I’m standing in Latvia with BY on the left and LT on the right

Belarus Border

Gate to Belarus
BY monument (Minsk 202 Km)
BY Border Sign
Belarus – Lithuania Border
BY monument ( Riga 211 Km)
BY monument ( Vilnius 134 Km / Minsk 202 Km)

Lithuanian Side

LT wooden sculpture with BY border in the background
LT Border Sign
LT wooden sculpture with LV (left) and BY (right).
LT Border Sign
Famous Border Sign!!! Indicating distances to the border I assume as there are no border crossings near.

Date of Visit: 30th October 2009

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