The BEDENL is an extremely accessible Tripoint being very close to neighbouring towns and cities. The tripoint itself is close to the highest point in the Netherlands ( Vaalserberg 322.4m) and an observation tower and several restaurants and playground facilities. This is one of the few tripoints that I have visited more than once. On my first visit there was a greater reference to neutral Moresnet and the historical “Quadripoint” was marked out around the tripoint marker, all that had changed in 2o18 with only the three countries demarcated. My visit in 2018 was part of the IBRG BELEX18 trip.

Neutral Moresnet, which existed as somewhat of a no-man’s-land between Belgium and Germany between 1816 to 1920, Moresnet emerged following the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire and the failure of the Netherlands and Prussia to agree on the final allocation of land. This small area was coveted by both because of a Zinc mine within it. Moresnet became a condominium, with rotating commissioners (Netherlands being replaced by Belgium after its independence in 1830).

Following WW1, the area was incorporated into Belgium following Germany’s defeat and the Zinc (which was its primary reason for existence) being mined out.

The highest point

The Vaalserberg is a hill with a height of 322.4 metres asl and is the highest point in mainland Netherlands. 

The tallest man in Holland!

Other Border markers and monuments

Moresnet BM
The Via Dolorosa Memorial is located on the German border with Belgium in Gemmenich. Gemmenich is the village where the German army entered Belgium in WW I ( 1914 – 1918)
Via Dolorasa stands for the road the German army followed until they were stopped in Diksmuide, Belgium.
Moresnet BM

Date of Visit: 27.04.2018

BEDENL Visit 2012

My previous visit was late in the day and raining, no one else was there. In 2012 cars were not able to drive past the monument.

Date of Visit: November 2012