All #1 border markers

Belarus – Russia -Ukraine tripoint is mainly visited by travelers transiting to either Belarus or Russia. However it is possible to visit the monument from Ukraine and then return the same way. The border markers were installed in November 2014

BYRUUA completed with a class A but not without some challenges. I left Chernihiv (Чернігівa) after breakfast (well worth a visit) and drove to the Ukranian checkpoint at Sen’kivka. The P12 and P13 roads were clear of snow. I was waved through the police checkpoint 7km south and parked at the checkpoint. None of the borderguards spoke English but I made them understand I wanted to visit the monument and return and not visit Russia or Bealrus. I received a stamped form that allowed me to enter the customs area. I was then duly stamped out of Ukraine (only to stamped back in 1 hour later). and had to hand the form back in as I exited the customs area (a process I had to repeat then re entering UA) I walked to the tripoint and spent time walking around, looking and taking photographs of the TP, monuments, border signs and borderposts. I walked counter clockwise crossing into Russia (RU/UA), then Belarus (BY/RU) and then Ukraine (BY/UA) All good I thought as I walked back to the Ukranian borderpost. Those on the entry side were less friendly than those on the exit. They seemed confused about why I wanted to visit the monument. They then wanted to check my camera and see what photos I had taken. I showed them a couple of the TP but not those of borderposts or border stations. I had been careful not to show my camera when near the checkpoint. I was then escorted into an office where a young female officer who could speak English explained that whilst I was allowed to visit the monument I needed special permission to take any photos (from whom I was not clear), plus no photos were allowed to be taken of either Belarus or Russia. All had very serious faces on and I have to admit to being a little nervous. I had printed out some pictures of me at other tripoints including PLSKUA and showed them. They were very serious, insisting I deleted all photo’s. I was able however to ensure that my photos remained secure notwithstanding their requests. Got to love dual slot Nikons. Top Tip – swap memory cards prior to return to the checkpoint.

They then let me leave, stamping my passport and I was able to exit the customs area and return to my car. It was a nerve racking 25 minutes. On the way I had a puncture and was pulled over by a routine traffic stop, he let me go after seeing my UK driving licence and thank goodness I can change a tyre as I was on the P13 miles from anywhere.

The checkpoint/crossing is situated on a P13. Across the border on the Russian side is a border checkpoint Novye Yurkovichi located near Novy Yurkovich (Bryansk Oblast), on the Belarusian side is a border checkpoint Vesyalowka.
BYRUUA Tripoint Monument “The 3 Sisters”

Date of Visit: 20/02/2017

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