Austria – Hungary – Slovakia tripoint is demarcated by a pillar. It bears the letters of each country marking its sides. At the location, you also find sculptures, borderposts from each country and information signs. As all countries are part of the Schlengen area it is possible to walk around the monument freely. The tripoint is near the Slovak village of Čunovo, as well as the Hungarian village of Rajka and the Austrian village of Deutsch Jahrndorf. It is located south of Bratislava. Approached by car from the Austrian side, although signs suggested the road was for local traffic only. Windy and cold even in July. No one else there.

Lots of sculptures around the site

ATHUSK Tripoint Marker
Austrian Border Sign
Hungarian Border Post
Austria – Hungary Border (looking into Austria)
State Border

Date of Visit: 24/07/2008

YouTube Videos

The Lady Travels (2017)
Brian L (2013)


  1. The border Tripoint, sites in Bratislava.

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  1. Great website and a fantastic hobby. I also have to go to a tripoint again. Do you know that I like also other interesting extreme points? e.g. “most northern point”, “geographical midpoint” and so on.
    Happy new year,

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