International Border Research Group (IBRG)

The International Border Research Group is an organisation of border enthusiasts, experts and academics who organise and support research into international borders, tripoints, border markers and other border related features. The group arranges international visits to international borders annually and members share the outcomes of their individual or smaller group visits. The group acts as a resource pool in supporting members in their expeditions. Members of the group have visited borders and tripoints in most continents. Initial members came from mainly from Scandinavia, however the membership is now increasingly global.

The current President is Jan Krogh, author of the well regarded Geosites website. The more recent group visits are highlighted in the links on this page.



Members Gallery


Date Name LINKSParticipantsNotes
2001The Danish-German Border Expedition 2001ReportPH, JN
6-16 September 2001 The Great Central European Border Expedition (GCEBE)VideoPH, DM, JN, RP, HV
1-8 July 2002 The Great Eastern European Border Expedition (GEEBE)PH, MK, AK, DM, JN, RP, HVThis trip involved crossing approximately 25 official borders, and covered 8 Eastern European tripoints as well as visiting border areas in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.
9-21 July 2003 The Great Baltic Border Expedition (GBBE).PH, MK, AK, JSK, DM, JN, HPN, RP, HVBorder areas of the Baltic countries of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. After the main expedition had ended some of the participants also visited the Swedish and Norwegian boundary. 
8-21 May 2005 The Great South Eastern European Border Expedition (GSEEBE)PH, MK, AK, DM, JN, HPN, RP, HVThis trip focused on 14 countries, mainly in the Balkans
13-15 Sep 2007The Great Ghana Border Expedition (GGBE).PhotosDM, JN
May 2008 The Great Black Sea Border Expedition (GBSBE)Photos
28 April – 1 May 2011The Small Kaliningrad Expedition (SKE).JSK, HPN
27 Aug-13 Sep 2011 The Great East Asia Expedition (Søsex 2011)PH, JSK, HPN, RPA trip focusing on the border areas between China, North Korea and Russia (CNKPRU), the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea, Beijing and Tibet
27-29 Apr 2012The Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa Border Expedition (ENBE).PH, JSK, JN, HPN, SS
19-21 Apr 2013The Switzerland Expedition (CHEX13)
Aug 2016The Andorra Expedition (ADEX16).
27-29 April 2018Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and France (BELEX18)BELEX18BA, AK, JSK. HPN, JDThis expedition started and finished in Brussels. The route maximised the opportunities to visit both rural and coastal border crossings, tripoints and to view border markers both on historic and contemporary borders. Visiting towns and driving on roads divided by borders also featured as did a visit to the Vennbahn exclaves at Roetgen and Entenpfuhl. We also took the opportunity of visiting the most western point in Germany too.
3-7 September 2020 A three country border visit: Austria, Italy and Switzerland (AT20) AT20BA, PH, SSThis expedition started and finished in Munich. The route maximised the opportunities to visit Enclaves, secondary tripoints, border crossings (road and rail) and to view border markers, some relatively new and some old. The trip was a fast moving 5 day trip visiting 3 countries, an enclave, crossing many borders and undertaking day hikes to get to more remote border areas.


Peter HeringAustria 2003 – 2008
Frode BergNorway2008 – 2012
Jan S. KroghNorway2012 – date

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