Romania’s location in Eastern Europe

With an area of 238,391 square kilometers, Romania is the 12th largest country in Europe. It is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom and slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Oregon. Romania has membership in several international organizations, including the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union Romania has 3,195 kilometers of border. Republic of Moldova and Ukraine lie to the east, Bulgaria lies to the south, and Serbia and Hungary to the west. Whilst being a member of the EU, Romania is currently not a member of the Schengen zone.

There are six more EU members, that have not joined Schengen zone: Ireland and United Kingdom – that still maintain opt-outs and Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus – that are required to and are seeking to join soon.

Border Facts

1) Romania–Bulgaria border is 630 km long with 21 border crossings. For most of its length, the border follows the course of the lower Danube River, up until the town of Silistra. From Silistra, the river continues north into the Romanian territory. East of that point, the land border passes through the historical region of Dobruja, dividing it into Northern Dobruja in Romania and Southern Dobruja in Bulgaria. The Bulgaria–Romania border is an internal border of the European Union. However, as of 2019 neither country is part of the Schengen Area. As a result, border controls are conducted between the two countries, albeit often jointly (once per crossing).

2) The Romania – Serbia border is 546.4 kilometres long, of which 256.8 kilometres are terrestrial and 289.6 kilometres are fluvial. The border was established after the formation of the United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (later renamed to Romania) in 1859 and the partition of Banat after the Treaty of Trianon. Both countries have several border crossing points. Among them are those of Vrbica–Vălcani, Golubac–Moldova Nouă, Kladovo–Drobeta-Turnu Severin and several others. Many of these points were temporarily closed in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The point where the borders of Hungary, Romania and Serbia coincide is known as the “Triplex Confinium” (HUROSR). Cultural events occur each year.

3) The Romania–Hungary border is estimated to be 447 km long with 11 border crossings. The Hungarian–Romanian border begins at a tripoint located in the historical region of the Banat, 15 km south-east of the Hungarian town of Szeged, where the border between Hungary and Serbia intersects the land border between Romania and Serbia. It generally runs south-south-westwards/north-north-eastwards across the Pannonian Basin to another tripoint located on the Tur river.

4) The Romania–Moldova border is 681 km long. It is a river border following the course of the Prut and Danube. Along this border there are 9 crossing points – 6 by road and 3 by rail.

5) The Romania -Ukraine border is approximately 613 km long. The land border consists of two parts: the northern part stretches across Carpathian Mountains region roughly west–east from the Hungary-Romania-Ukraine tripoint to the northern Moldova-Romania-Ukraine tripoint. It starts along the Tisza River (through Maramureș) and runs across the historical region of Bukovina in the Eastern Carpathians. The southern part stretches between Budjak and Dobrudja regions roughly west–east from the southern Moldova-Romania-Ukraine tripoint to the maritime Romania-Ukraine boundary. It runs along the Danube River to the Black Sea.

Romanian Registration Plates

Romanian Tripoints

Romania has 5 Tripoints:

1 BGRORS Bulgaria Romania Serbia 44° 13′ 0″ N 
22° 41′ 0″ E
Wet Palmberg (2005)
2 HURORS Hungary Romania Serbia 46° 7′ 0″ N 
20°15′ 0″ E
DryHering (2002) Palmberg (2002)(2005)
3 HUROUA Hungary Romania Ukraine 47° 57′ 16″ N
22° 53′ 50″ E
WetHering (2002)
Palmberg (2002
4MDROUAn Moldova – Romania – Ukraine (north) 48° 15′ 50″ N
26° 37′ 31″ E
Wet Palmberg (2008)
5 MDROUAs Moldova – Romania – Ukraine (south) 45° 28′ 0″ N 
28° 12′ 48″ E
Wet Palmberg (2008)

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Romanian Flag

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