The Lithuania -Poland- Russia tripoint has added interest not only because of the proximity to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad but that the point also forms the division between 2 Polish administrative divisions: Podlaskie Voivodeship and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, a quadripoint of sorts. In 2009 when I visited the old style tripoint monument was in place as observed by other border enthusiasts Jan Krogh (2002) and Hugh Wallis (2007). The whole area has had a make over in 2010 with a new granite column being erected as noted by Jan Krogh (2010) and Jannis Deeleman (2015).

It was an easy walk to the tripoint from the where I parked the car. Several signs (including telling you not to enter Russia) as well as information signs. Interestingly, when the Soviet Union existed you could travel between Lithuania and Russia but not Lithuania and Poland, now it’s the opposite way round. Shortly after I had arrived I got a visit from the friendly Polish border guard who checked my ID.

LTPLRU tripoint monument

Poland – Russia Border

Border marker #1995

A short walk along the Poland -Russia border brought me to this bordermarker.

Source: Polish Geo portal BM have the old USSR numbers!

Poland – Lithuania Border

Lithuanian Border marker #217

Source: Lithuanian Geo Portal. These LT BM were renumbered post independence.

Polish Border guard.

YouTube Videos of LTPLRU

Date of Visit: 24.10.2009

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