The Belarus – Lithuania – Poland tripoint is south of the Polish village of Stanowisko and can be approached from either Poland or Lithuania. The Mara river which marks the border curves at this point with a portion of Lithuania protruding towards the other 2 countries. This allows for some interesting angles when photographing. When I visited it appeared as if river bank consolidation had occurred and the BY and PL #1789 border markers as observed by Hugh Wallis and Jan Krogh (2007) and Jannis Deeleman (2015) were not there.

The tripoint is remote but it is possible to drive along rough forest tracks to within 1 km of the tripoint, coming initially to the Belarus – Poland border marked by BM’s 1788 before walking down to the tripoint proper. That part of the border is marked by a similar marker to LTPLRU (pre 2010). A Polish border enthusiast informs me that this monument marks the old Soviet Polish border.

BYLTPL Tripoint Maps

Geoportal Maps

Polish Geoportal Map showing position of BM 1788 and the missing BM 1789
Lithuanian Geoportal Map showing position of singe LT border marker at the tripoint
Standing in Poland looking across Lithuania into both Poland and Belarus.

Belarus – Poland Border

PL warning sign.
PL BM #1788
PL BM # 1788
Assuming #1 BM on PL/LT border
Classic iron curtain fencing.
Looking down towards the TP
BY BM #1788
BY BM #1788

Date of Visit: 30.10.2009

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