Padborg (Haraldsdalvej) – Harrislee Border Crossing

The Padborg (Haraldsdalvej) – Harrislee border crossing is one of the border crossings between Denmark and Germany and is reserved exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. The small border crossing at Haraldsdalvej is close to the Padborg railway embankment, which protrudes about 500 meters into German territory. Right next to the Haraldsdalvej border crossing is the entrance to a small house with a south-facing terrace.

This border crossing is one of the Gendarmstien which a hiking trail going along the eastern part of the Denmark-Germany border. It is a part of the E6 trail

Extract from the 1920 Border Treaty

The border Crossing

The house and drive are within Denmark and the rural gated path is the border with Germany. The border marker is in the hedgerow on the right of the drive. (photo Steen Schelde)
The rural track into Germany with local sign. (Photo Steen Schelde).

There are no national signs at this point, in fact you would be excused if you missed the crossing point. A local German sign is all there is. Both border markers are within the Danish house’s garden which raises the question is the fence in the right position, or has part of Germany disappeared into the owner’s garden.

The Border markers #49 & #48

BM #49
From this perspective it appears as if part of the Danish house’s garden is in fact in Germany. Note the position of the BM by the post on the right of the photo.
BM #48
BM #49
BM #48 in front of house
BM #48

Closed border during COVID

(All Photos Steen Schelde).

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021

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