Border Crossing Oberjoch (DE)- Steig (AT) 

We visited this border crossing as part of the IBRG AT20 trip. (DE)- Steig (AT) is similar to many post Schengen crossings with uninterrupted travel between the 2 countries. The previous customs buildings either demolished or utilised for different purposes. At this crossing there are regional and national signs as well as traditional AT/DE border markers. The border moves north at this point where it reaches Sorgschrofen and the quadripoint. Border marker 111/5 is an intermediate marker, #5 between BM 111 and BM 112

Source: BayernAtlas
Looking into Austria.
AT/DE border looking South
Last building in Bayern
Regional and National signs.
AT/DE border looking North

Date of Visit: 4 September 2020

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