Nagyhódos (HU) – Velyka Palad (UA) Border crossing.

The plan was for this border crossing to open in 2017. EU funds were allocated to support the road/bridge building which is now all complete. All that is required are the shared passport control/custom buildings to be put on site. I am not sure what the delay is. This is an external Schengen border. When I returned to my car the Hungarian borderguard were there questioning why I was there. Checked my papers (UK driving licence and passport driving a Romanian hire car) and then let me go. Were not concerned about the photos I had taken. How did they know?

47°58’43.5″N 22°51’48.5″E

Road closed, border marked on the bridge over the River Tur.
First barrier
Site for joint customs and passport control building.
Second barrier
HU Bordermarker # 29
Red line marks the border
Red line marks the border
UA Bordermarker #29 HU/UA border
View towards Velyka Palad – note the closed gate.
Ukrainian Observation Tower


  1. Uzhgorod in (05/06/2017) Construction of road for new border crossing
  2. LB ua (20/06/2017) Ukraine, Hungary set for new border crossing

Date of Visit: 25/10/2019

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