Danube – Morava River Border.

This one of my favourite borders, not only is it easily accessible being situated in Devin on the outskirts of Bratislava, it formally marked the iron curtain between Czechoslovakia and Austria and was heavily fortified. Now there is an impressive monument “The gate to Freedom”, border posts and information boards. It is also a border that can be viewed from a number of perspectives, from the bank, from a boat and high above from Devin Castle. The colours of the 2 rivers often contrast too.

The Gate of Freedom was built as a memorial to remember those that lost their lives trying to escape the Iron Curtain. 
Looking into Austria.
Names of the 300+ people who died trying to cross the iron curtain.
Austrian Customs Boat
Austria to the right and straight ahead
Looking down on the confluence. Note the darker waters of the slower moving Morava river
Slovakia (R) – Austria (L) Morava River mouth.

Slovakia (R) – Austria (L) Morava River mouth.

Date of Visit: 11/08/2008

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