Sofiedal/Fehle Border Crossing

I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. The Sofiedal-Fehle border crossing connects Denmark and Germany near Harrisleee and Padborg. It is just a narrow and mostly agricultural road that turns north from the Grenzstraße just north of the municipality of Medelby in Germany. At the end of the road, it forks right towards Padborg and left towards Tinglev. At this fork lies the border, with the left hand road closed with bollards . The old border house seems to have been converted.

Extract from 1920 Border Treaty

BM #112
BM #113
Hi Tech surveillance even on a rural crossing.
Danish traffic information signs (erected in Germany)
2 BM’s both #112. A stream in the middle?
Looking NE into Denmark
Old border station
German Postal Van – almost in Denmark.

A pleasant, peaceful border crossing with lots of interest.

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021