The Wire of Death – de Dodendraad

he Wire of Death (Dutch: Dodendraad, German: Todesdraht) was a lethal electric fence created by the German military to control the Dutch–Belgian frontier after the occupation of Belgium during the First World War. Parallels have been made between the ‘Death Wire’ and the later Iron Curtain. The wire of death reached from the Belgian coastline in Knokke until the suburbs of the German city of … Continue reading The Wire of Death – de Dodendraad

Baarle Hertog – a border puzzle

Baarle-Hertog is a Flemish municipality of Belgium, much of which consists of a number of small Belgian exclaves fully within the Netherlands creating interesting and complicated borders with the Dutch town of Baarle-Nassau. With a total area of just seven and a half square kilometres, the Flemish exclave of Baarle-Hertog is made up of 26 different pockets of land. Of these, 22 are surrounded by … Continue reading Baarle Hertog – a border puzzle