Spain Country Page now complete

Following my trip to the French, Spanish and Andorran borders my Spain page is now complete with reports from the borderpoints I visited. 2 tripoints, several border crossings (including 2 rail), border markers and much more. A highlight for me was the Llivia circuit, finding and recording the 45 border markers located on the border between the enclave and France. Maps, photos and reports here Continue reading Spain Country Page now complete

Os de Civís – a Spanish pene enclave

Os de Civís is very close to the Spain–Andorra border, and is unique in being the only Spanish village that can be reached by vehicle only by going through Andorra. The border crossing is unique in Andorra in that there is no border control. Andorra is in neither the Schengen Area nor the European Union, and thus operates full border and customs checks at all … Continue reading Os de Civís – a Spanish pene enclave


The Portella Blanca d’Andorra or Coll d’Engaït (2515m) is a mountain pass where the boundaries of Andorra, Spain and France meet. It also forms the administrative boundary of Encamp , Lles de Cerdanya , and Porta. At the top of the pass there is border marker #427 which is taken to mark the tripoint. Portella Blanca with its border marker #247 is cited in the … Continue reading ADESFRe

Estany de Font Negra (Estany de les Abelletes)

The lake is of particular interest to border enthusiasts for 2 reasons, firstly the border between Andorra and France goes through it and secondly, newly designed and erected border markers (the first and only ones on the Andorran border) mark the new border. In 2012 an agreement was reached which reconciled the disagreement about where the border was. The lake was divided in 2 and … Continue reading Estany de Font Negra (Estany de les Abelletes)