International Border Research Group – New President

We are happy to note that Steen Schelde from Denmark is the new President of the IBRG. Many thanks to Jan Krogh for his time in the role for the last 11 years, Barry Arnold from the UK is the new Vice President and will look after the webpage and membership. The International Border Research Group is an organisation of border enthusiasts, experts and academics … Continue reading International Border Research Group – New President

Website Updates October 2022

My updates for this month. A focus on website architecture rather than visit reports. Looking forward to working on the inner German border and the Berlin Wall next month before turning my attention to my Denmark Trip from last year. 1) Visit report of Split Harbour, photos and maps. Details here 2) Croatia country page updated with images and links. Details here 3) Russia country … Continue reading Website Updates October 2022

Website Updates September 2022

The following reports have been added to the website this month. Several reports from the Austrian borders with Italy and Germany. Alpine passes, historical border markers, secondary tripoints road and rail crossings and a divided golf course all documented with maps and images. Please click on the red text links below (or the photos) to go directly to the individual reports. Continue reading Website Updates September 2022

Spain Country Page now complete

Following my trip to the French, Spanish and Andorran borders my Spain page is now complete with reports from the borderpoints I visited. 2 tripoints, several border crossings (including 2 rail), border markers and much more. A highlight for me was the Llivia circuit, finding and recording the 45 border markers located on the border between the enclave and France. Maps, photos and reports here Continue reading Spain Country Page now complete

Os de Civís – a Spanish pene enclave

Os de Civís is very close to the Spain–Andorra border, and is unique in being the only Spanish village that can be reached by vehicle only by going through Andorra. The border crossing is unique in Andorra in that there is no border control. Andorra is in neither the Schengen Area nor the European Union, and thus operates full border and customs checks at all … Continue reading Os de Civís – a Spanish pene enclave