We visited this pass as part of the IBRG AT20 trip. The Schrofenpass is a mountain pass in the Allgäu Alps and is right on the border between Germany and Austria. The Schrofenpass has a pass height of 1688m and connects Oberstdorf in Germany with Lechleiten or Warth in Austria via a narrow path. The Schrofenpass was created in 1795 as a mule track. During the Second World War the path was partially destroyed in April 1945. Since then, the Alpine Club has secured these parts of the pass with an aluminum ladder or steps. It is a particular popular area for hiking and mountain biking. The latter seeming much harder than the former. Our plan was to walk to the border and then west along the ridge bagging as many markers as we could find. Our end goal was the southernmost point of Germany.

Our route to the pass
Source: Bayern Portal Border markers indicated.

After driving to Gehren, we walked up the clearly marked footpath, quickly gaining height until we reached the pass. The reward at the top of the climb is a very nice border marker #137.

The route to the pass

Path #445
Onwards and Upwards
Beautiful Alpine scenery
MTB’ meeting point at the top of the pass
Finally there!!

Route finding was easy
Old border Sign

Border Marker #137

An impressive border marker at the top of the pass. #137 with Austrian and Bavarian symbols on the respective sides. The markings on the top of the border marker show the direction of the border (and where the next border markers are to be found).

Along the Ridge

As we moved along the ridge west towards the southern most point of Germany there was an opportunity to bag several further border markers. In reality though whilst we found some, many were inaccessible due to the dense vegetation. These are the ones that we found. Very close to border marker #137 there was an intermediate marker #137/1

Intermediate marker
Some were easier to find than others
So near but…
From the Austrian side.
Intermediate marker
Following the ridge was not so straightforward.
Another intermediate marker
Amazing alpine scenery.

Date of Visit: 4 September 2020

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