Mouscron (BE) -Tourcoing (FR)

Mouscron coat of arms
Tourcoing coat of arms

Mouscron is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut, along the border with the French city of Tourcoing, which is part of the Lille metropolitan area. In 1963, Mouscron was transferred from the province of West Flanders, to the province of Hainaut, to reflect the predominantly francophone population. Mouscron was officially recognized as a city in 1986.

The 2 cities have effectively merged with the border following roads, along pavements and across open spaces. Some borders are marked with international signs, others with the town limits or jurisdictions. We focused primarily on an area where the the countries joined with 2 roads, one Belgian and one French existing side by side and separated by a narrow divide. I visited this border as part of the IBRG BELEX18 trip.

On the right, Tourcoing (Rue Gaston Lepers) France, and on the left, Mouscron (Rue de la Limite) Belgium.
From Mouscon Belgium
2 wet border enthusiasts, right on the line!!
From Tourcoing, France
Looking into Belgium

The second point on the border we explored was a simple road crossing with local town signs and a change in the road surface.

Looking into Belgium
Does this building overhang the border?
Following the border
Looking into France – this street is divided (down the middle) between Tourcoing and Watterlos.
Metal border marker in the pavement

Date of Visit: 29.04.2018

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