Metković (HR) – Doljani (BA) border crossing

This border crossing was one of the busiest on the respective countries borders and was crowded with tourists and frieght transport. An extenal EU border so with full checks, but it had a “temporary” feel with portacabin buildings. Photography was restricted and it was not possible to identify the actual border (not that it would have had border markers anyway).

Since my visit a brand new crossing has been built in the area – Nova Sela (Bijača), with all of the necessary inspection services (one of the most well-equipped and modern crossings on the outer EU border), which has alleviated the traffic situation in the city of Metković, while cargo traffic had been redirected from the Metković-Doljani border crossing, which now serves for international passenger transport only and does not have the capacity to perform customs control.

Into Bosnia

Into Croatia

Date of Visit: 10.08.2015

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