Aventoft – Møllehus Border Crossing

I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. The Aventoft – Møllehus border crossing (Grænseovergang Møllehusvej) is one of the border crossings between Germany and Denmark.  Just north of the border is a bridge (entirely in Denmark) that crosses the Wiedau (Vidå). After the rural crossings we had visited, this one seemed busy with Danish cars travelling south to pick up bargains.

Extract from 1920 Treaty

The Border

Border markers

There are several border markers at this point as indicated on the treaty map above: BM #227, BM #228, BM #229 and BM # 229a

There always other markers to see, and its not possible to visit them all. What I discovered later is that BM #226 is both a direct and indirect marker. There is a DK 226 and a DE 226 marker on each side of the bank. Then the border makes a sharp bend south and DE226 marker become the direct marker of the point on the southern bank. Fellow Danish border enthusiasts failed to find DK226 which might be buried in the river mud.
BM #228
BM #229b It appears to be indirect as no country indicated on the side of the marker.
BM #229
BM #227

Looking into Denmark

Regional and Traffic Information Signs
Often shown in border pictures of this point but completely in Denmark
Looking west towards the sluice.

Looking into Germany

Another surprise

A feature of this trip has been the frequent but friendly interaction with law enforcement as ad hoc border checks were in place and we were a large group walking around and across the border.

A slightly puzzled Danish Police Officer
A group interview.

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021


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