I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. Bejerskro is a small rural border crossing between Denmark and Germany. A bridge crosses the Gammelå, a small river that marks the border and flows east to west at this point. There are regional signs in both Denmark and Germany as well as border marker #182. Surveillance cameras provide remote viewing. No border guards required. Up to 2011 there was a small building on the Danish side for border control, long since demolished.

Extract from the 1920 Border Treaty

The border map (top left) shows a much more crooked water course, unlike the artificial river today.

The Border

Bridge crossing the border (taken from Germany)
Looking east – note the anti wild boar fence
Looking west – border marker visible on German side

Border marker #182

There were 2 markers which is normal for a river, one on either side.

BM #182 on the German side – note the wild animal camera.
On the Danish side the wild boar fence prevented access to BM #182 (normal clearing of vegetation could not occur)

Regional Signs

On the Danish side
On the German side

Closed border during the COVID pandemic

Along with all other crossings this one was closed during the pandemic. All photos: Steen Schelde with thanks.

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021

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