Denmark Southernmost Point

I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. A quick piece of research will tell you that the southernmost point of Denmark is located at Gedser, a town at the southern tip of the Danish island of Falster. However on Jutland (mainland Denmark) the point was near our route. The point is southeast of Simondys, a scattered rural hamlet. Because we were travelling along the border from one POI to another we had to approach the point from the north and therefore found ourselves the “wrong” side of the border in Denmark. Wrong only because the anti wild boar fence prevented us from getting close to BM #67 at the point itself, because as the fence was built within Danish territory it leaves a strip of Denmark on the other side.

1920 Treaty Map

From the Danish side

Walking from the Danish deserted farmhouse (that looked like it had not been occupied for some time) we walked diagonally towards the corner of the field. BM #67 was visible through the hedgerow but not accessible. Might it have been possible to climb over – no one was brave enough to try. Behind the farmhouse was BM #64. The farmhouse was built in 1855, so was German until 1920.

BM #67

The anti wild boar fence prevented access

A small strip of Denmark remained on the other side of the fence. The BM had a D inscribed on the side facing us. But that was as close as we could reach.

The anti wild boar fence prevented access


Once again from Denmark the border marker was inaccessible. The anti wild boar fence had become the anti border enthusiast barrier. Looking at the map, I ask myself the question why did I not visit BM #65and BM #66 and the answer is always time. There is never enough.

From the German side

BM #67

On the day of the visit the German side remained in accessible. However, another member of IBRG had already visited that side and these are his photos below. (Photos: Steen Schelde).

BM #67
DR P indicates the Kingdom of Prussia.
Line marks do not represent the border, but the orientation to the next markers on the border.
Looking south into Germany. D = Denmark

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021

2 thoughts on “Denmark Southernmost Point

  1. Good work – as usual!! 👍
    Bm 67 not accessible from the Danish side = that means you simply must return and enjoy it from the German side as well..👍 – two friends here would love to assist you …! Soon?😉🇩🇰


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