Frøslev/Ellund Border Crossing

I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. The Ellund border crossing on the A7/E45 motorway and European route connects Germany and Denmark and is the only motorway connection between the two countries, it is also the busiest crossing point too. The A7 Motorway is the longest on the German network, heading south towards Fussen close to the Austrian border. As a Schengen border there are normally no controls but in 2021 COVID protocols and a concern with illegal migration meant controls were evident. We however passed with no delay.

Extract from 1920 Border Treaty

Photos from our visit

Looking South
Looking North
One of many discussions regarding our visits to borders.
Confiscated vehicles at border crossing.

Border Markers

Pre Schengen Border Control (photo: Steen Schelde)

Travelling North

Returning from Germany for the last time, we passed through here without stopping. Good to see the border marker we found earlier.

COVID Controls 2021

During the COVID pandemic many smaller border crossing were closed. These photos indicate that full checks were reintroduced on this Schengen border. Non Danish travellers were forbidden to enter and only essential goods and foodstuff were permitted.

Dates of visit 25 and26 September 2021

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