I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. Kruså is an interesting border crossing as there are 2 crossing points adjacent to one another. One is an old narrow road demarcated with border markers and ending with a divided garage that straddles the border. The other is a modern dual carriageway with check points due to the COVID 19 protocols in place. The markers were not easy to find due to vegetation. Discussions with Danish group members indicate that BM #19a has been lost and probably buried in the last 20 years.

Extract from 1920 Border Treaty

Photos from our visit

Entrance to Alte Zollstraße. Standing in Denmark and looking into Germany
Alte Zollstraße
The forward section of the garage is in Germany whereas the rest of the building is in Denmark, access is only from Germany
BM #19
BM #19 visible on the left – one third of the garage is across the border.

Modern Border Crossing

This crossing was marked by border markers and national and regional signs.

Looking north into Denmark
Looking south into Germany

Border Markers

BM #19
BM #20
BM #18b
BM #18b
An old photo 2003 approx showing the position of the now lost BM #19a. Younger versions of Peter and Hans Peter.

Date of Visit: 25 September 2021

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