Norddeich-Sieltoft Border Crossing

I visited this point as part of the IBRG DEDK21 expedition. The Norddeich-Sieltoft Border Crossing is the last crossing on the Denmark/Germany border before one reaches the last border marker BM #280 and the coast. From the crossing point a narrow road leads to Rickelsbüller Koog. Like the  Rudbøl/Rosenkranz Border Crossing the border cuts across and through the road which makes it particularly interesting.

The road ultimately leads to a dyke and with a monument to the creation of the border and the final border marker BM # 280. It felt a long time since we stood by BM #1 at Skomagerhus 

Extract from the 1920 Border treaty

The Border Crossing

BM #277 with old Border Guard Hut in the background (Photo: Steen Schelde)
An earlier photo showing the National sign (DE) not there in 2021 (Photo: Steen Schelde)
Looking from Denmark into Germany
Looking west along the border (Photo: Steen Schelde)
Looking from Germany into Denmark.
A smaller hut existed in the 1950’s and before that a tent!

Border Markers

BM #277
BM #278 note no lines as it is an indirect marker
Looking west along the road with BM #278 just before the junction.
BM #278
BM #279
BM #278 note the stone marker is offset from the road insert.
BM #278
Looking south across the 3 markers for BM #278
BM #279

The final point

The group at the Westernmost point of the border. The red and white marker at the top of the steps is the maritime border marker. Participants (L to R) Linda Nissen, Ann Kennard, Jan Krogh, Uffe Gardel, Steen Schelde, Hans Peter Nissen, Steen Breiner, Barry Arnold and Jesper Nielsen.
BM #280
2 markers in the same photograph
Looking west along the border to the final maritime marker
In the distance a train to the German Island of Sylt.
A monument to the building of the dyke.
Looking east along the border
Border gate into nature reserve.
German Police check – they will have crossed the border in order to get to this point.
BM bagging – has to be done!

Closure during the COVID pandemic

Many thanks to Steen Schelde for these photos.

Date of Visit: 26 September 2021

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