Narva-1 Piiripunkt

Narva is linked to Ivangorod by 3 crossing points. Narva 1 is the major road crossing point from Estonia to Russia and the Estonian National Route 1, E20 highway. The Freedom Bridge is 162m long and 4 lane. The border control facilities extend some distance into Narva and are extensive, the passenger teminal is 1500m2 and has eight passenger queue lanes, 12 vehicle lanes and two bus lanes at the new terminal. HGV/LKV are dealt with separately. As an external EU/Schengen border security was at the highest end.

I had requested permission to access the facility but received no reply. As it was, vantage points allowed for good views of the facility. However no possibility to cross the border this time. All photos are therefore taken in Estonia. Across the bridge views are into Russia.

An electronic queuing system (GO Swift) is in place where you book your crossing slot in advance and wait in a holding area with facilities.

Narva 1 at night

Narva 1 by Day

Not all border markers had a Russian equivalent (or one that could be photographed) #642 and #643 were visible on the other side of the bridge but were too far away.

Date of Visit: 15th/16th December 2019

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