Tallinn Port

Tallhinn Port

Tallinn is the largest and busiest port in the Baltic and is the main passenger harbour in Estonia; located in the centre of Tallinn. There are regular passenger services between Estonia’s major islands (Saaremaa, Hiiumaa) and the mainland as well as international ferry routes connecting with Helsinki (Finland) and St Petersburg (Russia). Many of the 10 million annual passengers on cruise ships. In addition, 20 million tonnes of cargo transit the port. MPSV Botnica, an icebreaker is based in the port. The port is therefore a major port of entry to Estonia. Visited in 2006 and 2019.

Estonian Police and Border Guard – PVL-109 Valvas

PVL 109 Valvas was initially a Iris-class bouy tender built for the United States Coast Guard. USCGC Bittersweet (WLB 389)  was commissioned in 1943 and was based during WW2 in Alaska. The ship was fully renovated in 1976-1978 and again in 1991. In the early 1990’s when Estonia was seeking to develop its post independence maritime capacity and to join NATO the US gave a number of vessels to Estonia. In 1997 the Estonian crew of 20 men were sent to Boston where they received necessary training for operating the vessel. The ship was renamed Valvas and the Estonian flag was hoisted on 5 September 1997.  It became the first Estonian ship to cross the Atlantic post independence flying the Estonian flag. The ship was involved in search and rescue and as an icebreaker. Valvas was withdrawn from active service in 2010. In 11 July 2014 the ship was handed over to the Estonian Maritime Museum and is located in the Lennusadam harbor (Tallinn).

PVL-105 Torm

Norway donated a Storm class each to Estonia and Lithuania and three to Latvia in 1995. Torm was deployed as a coastguard and border force vessel.

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