Görlitz – Zgorzelec Border Crossing

This border crossing is within the town and crosses the Neisse river with the Stadtbrücke, or Pope John Paul II Bridge. In 2006 passport controls were in place with them taking place on the German side of the border. Since December 2007, when Poland joined the Schengen Area, there have been no border checks at these crossings.

Prior to WWII, the area of Zgorzelec was simply the eastern suburb of Görlitz and a part of Germany. The town of Görlitz, was divided by the Oder-Neisse Line – an agreement reached at the Potsdam Conference, which drew new borders for Germany and Poland along the Oder and Neisse rivers. At one point, there were seven bridges joining Görlitz with Zgorzelec – they were all blown up by the retreating German army in May 1945. A pedestrian bridge was opened in 2004.

Looking towards the border from Germany
Lots of signs
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Neisse Border

Date of Visit: 20.08.2006