Garbolc (HU) – Bercu Nou (RO) Border Crossing

This crossing point is a cycle way along the banks of the River Tur, it links the towns of Garbolc and Bercu Nou. It is however closed currently as Romania is not part of Schengen Area and as such border crossings can only occur at recognised (and staffed) crossing points with passport controls. If as expected Romania joins then this route would be free to use. Approached from the Hungarian side.

State Border
Road Closed
HU/RO Border
Looking back into Hungary

Old style bordermarkers similar to those seen on the approach to the HUROUA tripoint on the other side of the Tur. These are marked with the letter L and 1965.

View from the Romanian side.

It was not possible to walk along the bank much further than the closed border crossing. Romanian Borderguards were patrolling the area and I spotted them in the distance.

Cycleway closed by the Romanian Pumping Station.

Date of Visit 25/10/2019

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