Embassies and Consulates in Rome

Countries are represented through their embassies and consulates, the former responsible for promoting the interests of the home country, handling diplomatic relations and supporting its citizens. Embassies are located in the capital city where consular functions also occur. Consulates may also exist in other cities. Consulates (and their chief diplomat, the consul) handle minor diplomatic issues such as issuing visas, aiding in trade relationships, and taking care of migrants, tourists, and expatriates. Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, the premises of an Embassy are inviolable and “immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution,” but sovereignty of the embassy premises rests with the host country. Therefore whilst the embassy enjoys immunity it is not foreign soil as some think. Depending on the location and the home country the embassy buildings often can be grand and impressive. Some modern ones showcase the nation in a visual way.

With the exception of the UK embassy that I searched for, I only took photos of those I came across. Sorry if I missed yours.

United Kingdom Embassy

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Rome is the chief diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom in Italy, San Marino and the Holy See. It is located on Via XX Settembre in Municipio I. The Embassy was designed by Sir Basil Spence which replaced a building that had been severely damaged in a terrorist attack in 1946. The building was inaugurated in September 1968 while the chancery was officially opened in September 1971. The Embassy is a two-storey, square plan building, supported on pilotti (pillars) and built around a courtyard. The site and the surrounding architecture played a key role in the design of the building. The site, next to Michelangelo’s Porta Pia within the Aurelian Wall, was scheduled as private park area. Spence’s decision to raise the building on pilotti (pillars) was taken so that it did not obscure the gardens.

The building was set behind secure fences and was protected by Italian military. In addition to this building there was a separate office near the Vatican which for diplomatic relations with Holy See. Details here.

Other Embassies and Consulates.

There where so many Embassies and Consulates which are in the central area of Rome which are easy to observe on the way between sites. Some of the embassies are in classical grand houses, others are more modern and modest. The US Embassy was the largest and most protected. Many were clustered together near Termini Station, whereas others are located in different areas.

French Embassy
French Embassy
French Ambassador’s Residence
French Consulate
Spanish Embassy, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps
Brazilian Embassy in Piazza Navona.
Turkish Embassy
Russian Embassy
Being told off – but all embassies had military guards.
Russian Embassy
German Embassy
The United States Embassy
The United States Embassy
German Embassy – with the UA flag in solidarity

The United States Embassy was the largest I saw in Rome, behind high fences and well guarded at all entrances, I was not allowed to take a picture of the sign outside.

Date of Visit: May 2023

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