Sakaline – a divided village

BY/LT BM #0624

Sakaline (LT) and Kul’kishki (BY) were initially one village. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Lithuanian independence and subsequent EU membership, the 2 parts of the village became divided by the EU external frontier with security fencing and cameras. The Lithuanian part with coloured houses and orchards, seemed more prosperous (although still poor in comparison to other parts of the country), than it’s Belorussian neighbour.

The Lithuanian border guard have an office here and checked our permits on arrival. A Belorussian farmer walked past, pulling a cart just a few meters away, but on the other side of the EU border. There is interaction between the villagers (through the fence) although travel between the villages is expensive with travel to border crossings and the cost of visas.

Indicating BM location

Lithuanian Side

The Fence

Lithuanian Border Guard

Checking our permits which were in order.

Bordermarkers #624 and #625

Belorussian side

YouTube Videos


  1. Lithuanian-Belorussian border: Divided villages, divided lives 15min LT Article
  2. Vox europ The New Iron Curtain (October 2012) Article

Date of Visit: 31/10/2009

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