Nieuwstadt (NL) and Isenbruch (DE) Border Crossing

Isenbruch is the Westernmost town in Germany. After the Second World War, on 23 April 1949, the Netherlands annexed the wider area of Selfkant as part of war reparations, and its inhabitants were given a Dutch passport with the special indication “to be treated as a Dutchman”. In March 1957 official negotiations started between the Netherlands and West Germany concerning the return of the area, and on 1 August 1963 the area was returned to Germany in exchange for a payment of 280 million deutschmarks.

This small rural border crossing marked by regional signs either side of the bridge over the small river is typical of crossings post Schengen. I visited this border crossing as part of the IBRG BELEX18 trip.

Date of Visit: 28/04/2018

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