Visé (BE) /Eijsden (NL) Border Crossing

The Visé (BE) /Eijsden (NL) Border Crossing is a small rural border crossing marked by 2 contrasting border markers and a fence (that also marks a farmers field). The small road is in contrast to the major roads close to it. Traffic between the villages moves freely across this border and there is no signs indicating there is a border. I visited this border crossing as part of the IBRG BELEX18 trip.

Ann & Hans Peter

Close to this border crossing, Belgium and the Netherlands have in 2018 swapped land in order to simplify the situation whereby areas on the opposite side of the river Meuse had become increasingly lawless.

On January 1 2018, the border between the eastern Belgian region of Vise and the southwestern Dutch municipality of Eijsden was moved back to its historic location in the middle of the River Meuse, which splits the two countries.

Over time, the river’s changing course meant that two uninhabited Belgian peninsulas ended up on the Dutch side while a section of Dutch territory found itself on the Belgian side of the Meuse.

The peaceful land-swap, equivalent to 27 football fields, was agreed in November 2017, more than 170 years after the border was agreed in 1843.

Peninsula now belongs to NL
Peninsula now belongs to NL


  1. Belgium and Holland swap territory and move border after headless body shock. Telegraph UK (January 2018) Article
  2. Belgium and the Netherlands swap land to change their national borders. The Independent UK (January 2018) Article

Date of Visit: 27th April 2018

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