Zlatarevo – Novo Selo Border Crossing

Novo Selo- Zlatarevo (Bulgarian: Ново Село-Златарево) is the southernmost of three international border crossings between North Macedonia and Bulgaria, near Petrich. The crossing is named after the two closest settlements situated along the road on either side of the frontier: Novo Selo is a nearby Macedonian village in Novo Selo Municipality and Zlatarevo is a small Bulgarian town situated in the Blagoevgrad Province.

The border checkpoint is named after the Bulgarian lieutenant general Krastyu Zlatarev (1864 – 1925), Commander of 11th Macedonian Infantry Division. Here, during the First World War the divisional headquarters were located between 1915 -1918.

Both border controls were speedy and efficient. The border is located in the middle of the 2 and there is a border marker adjacent to the gate.

Travelling west to east from MK to BG. BG/MK BM #25 visible as you cross the border. Turning, right at the first opportunity to start the hike to Mount Tumba and the BGGRMK tripoint.

North Macedonia Border Control

The Border

BG/MK BM #25 to the right of the gate.

Bulgarian Border Control

Date of Visit: 27 July 2022

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