Sighetu Marmației (RO) – Solotvyno (UA) Border Crossing

Sighetu Marmației (RO) -Solotvyno (UA). External EU border, open for travellers on foot and by car. Relatively straightforward although I created a bit of a stir they do not see many UK passports. The bridge itself is worth a visit being a replica of one destroyed in WW2. The EU financed a replacement and this one opened in 2006. The side walkways required repair so pedestrians shared the road with cars. Solotvyno is an area of deprivation due to the closure of the local salt mines. Cross border environmental concerns exist.

Pedestrian Walkway
Towards Ukraine
Red marks the border!
Red marks the border!
Boarder guards from each country meet at the border, salute and move into RO for a meeting.
UA Borderpost # 292
Looking toward Romania
Friendly UA border guards who were the only ones in 3 countries who agreed to have their photo taken.
Looking towards Romania
The side walk was closed.
Welcome to Romania
RO borderpost #292 – the border guard would not allow me to take a photo of the numbered side as that would have involved returning to the secure fenced area (5m)

Solotvyno (UA) Border Town

Solotvyno is a town in the Tiachiv Raion of Zakarpattia Oblast, located close to the border with Romania, on the right bank of the Tisza River. Solotvyno used to be a salt mining town. In the 1990s, the last mine closed down and the town has large areas of derelict factories and deep lakes. The town felt less prosperous than its Romanian counterpart.

Date of Visit 25/10/2019

2 thoughts on “Sighetu Marmației (RO) – Solotvyno (UA) Border Crossing

  1. Hi mate, great blog! So I will be in Romania for a few months and plan to go visit a bit of Ukraine in the meantime. To do so I already thinked of crossing the border at Solotvyno, taking a train from Cluj-Napoca to Sighetu Marmatiei then crossing the border by feet. As I’m considering my options on the train timetable, can I ask how long does it take to pass the checkpoints there? I’m a EU citizen btw.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! Always great to know more on borders (I’m quite a border enthusiast myself but Schengen makes everything easier so I don’t see ‘real’ borders often).

    Liked by 1 person

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