Llivia Gallery BM #22 to BM#45

Click here for BM #1 to BM 21

Llivia (North) Border markers (Bne) #21 to #43 shown moving from east (R) to west (L)

Note not all BM’s are marked on the map.

The focus with this report is to capture all of the border markers. That focus actually misses out on elements of the hike, moving from BM #21.1 to #22 involved over 90 minutes of walking and entailed climbing ladders walking through allotments, walking up a track and then following the course of the river along an ever narrowing valley. At times it was necessary to walk across the river and back several times. Here are a few pictures to show that element.

BM #22 it took a while to get here and then a while to find the BM – the first one with a cross cut into a rock. It was situated near where a stream (the border sharply turns NW at this point) joins the  Rio Estahuja. Followed by a steep climb out of the valley towards BM # 23.

Looking down towards BM #22

BM #23 After the sharp pull up out of the valley it was a relief to get the top and find a track leading the the next border marker Often it was possible to tell the border by the way the fields changed.

BM #24 was one of the difficult ones to find, carved into a large rock next to the Rec de Ribals, navigating through waist high nettles next to the sewage station and then finding a way through the new (and effective) fence took time.

BM #25 my last border marker of the day. Easily found and then a gentle walk down to the campsite.

BM #26 another one which is was hidden away behind a fence but a well defined cross carved on a large rock.

BM #27 was another difficult one to find with the cross being located on top of a large boulder and not visible from the surrounding area. Following some guidence from Eef Berns I found the roof rack!! Not easy to find (see below). The markings have almost disappeared.

BM # 28 what a relief a straightforward BM easily accessible and spotted.

BM #29 is another impressive marker with the cross carved on the top of the boulder with another cross painted on the side. This is the only marker out of the 45 that has this combination.

BM #30 another cross marker, covered by leaves and other ditritus. Found after a while.

BM’s #31 first of a set of pairs LL and FR. Happy to be able to photo the pair (and then FR/LL in that order).

BM’s #32 another set of pairs LL and FR. Happy to be able to photo the pair (and then LL/FR in that order) as with the rest in this sequence.

BM’s #33 another set of pairs LL and FR.

BM’s #34 another set of pairs LL and FR. more difficult to photograph the pair. Sign next to the FR marker. Last set of paired markers on the circuit.

Rec del Tudo marks the border

BM #35

BM #36 very close to the road (if you don’t like walking).

BM #37 a cross engraved on a large rock

BM # 38

BM #39

BM # 40 is an engraved cross on a large rock.

BM #41 slightly off the path but easy to find.

BM #42 Easy to locate within a field, after a while any irregularity within a field is possibly another BM.

Llivia (South) Border markers (Bne) #42 to #21 shown moving from west (L) to east (R)

BM #43 this was really difficult to find, hidden in a hedge next to a fence by a river. It took a while!!

BM #44 looking from Llivia into France. French road sign.

BM #45 the final one of the circuit. My task is done. Happy with that.

Dates of Visit: 10.08.2020 and 13.08.2020


  1. The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all markers ( Eef Berns) Website here
  2. The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees : all markers ( Eef Berns) Website here
  3. Llivia Tourist Information Leaflet regarding the markers here

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