Os de Civís – a Spanish pene enclave

Os de Civís is a village in the central Pyrenees mountains, in the municipality of Les Valls de Valira in Catalonia, Spain, and is located to the west of Andorra, near the villages of Aixàs and Bixessarri. Os de Civís is very close to the Spain–Andorra border, and is unique in being the only Spanish village that can be reached by vehicle only by going through Andorra. The border crossing is unique in Andorra in that there is no border control: Andorra is in neither the Schengen Area nor the European Union, and thus operates full border and customs checks at all other border crossings with Spain and France, but the crossing to Os de Civís is unpoliced as the road leads solely to the village, with no access to anywhere else in Spain. Os de Civís is therefore a pene -enclave – a place connected by land with the rest of the country or province, but to that in practice it can only be accessed through another country. My other reports on enclaves are here

Looking from Spain into Andorra – unique border crossing in AD
Country #55
Entering Spain

The Village

The village is picturesque with narrow streets and stone built buildings. Many of the cars have Andorran number plates.

Date of Visit: 12.08.2020


  1. Fascinating Spain Website ” Os de Civís, a Spanish village that you cannot reach from Spain” Article here

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