Heidelberger Hütte 

We visited this Swiss Alpine Hut as part of the IBRG AT20 trip. Starting in Ischgl, Austria via the  Silvrettabahn we soon put our newly rented e bikes to good use moving from the lower tarmacked roads to the higher alpine gravel tracks.

I tend to get quite excited about travelling on cable cars. The Silvrettabahn cable car comprises two sections and leads from the centre of Ischgl up to the Idalp at 2,200 metres above sea level. We got off at the first station. Ischgl is a popular winter sport resort. Writing this account in 2022 it easy to forget that this visit took place when Europe was partially locked down and than masks were being worn everywhere. Ischgl was a footnote in the transmission of COVID 19 when over 6000 skiers from 45 countries contracted the virus. Although the first reported cases were in March 2020 it was thought the virus was present several weeks before. Subsequent legal action led to health officials being cleared of any wrongdoing.

The journey to the Austria/Swiss border, a first crossing of that border for me was characterised by beautiful alpine scenery. E bikes were the way to go, with MTB users really suffering on the inclines.

The journey to the border

Well sign posted.
Heading towards the border

Austria/Swiss Border

This remote border crossing was well marked with old fashioned national signs, plus clear indications that this crossing was not for motor vehicles but hikers and cyclists only. The border itself was well marked with stone markers (in good condition). Ö for Austria and S for Switzerland.

Source: Swiss Geoportal BM’s indicated in red
National signs
National signs
On the border
No motorised traffic allowed.
Looking along the border

Border marker #5

Border marker #4

It was a quite a pull up from the road crossing to the marker.

Heidelberger Hütte & Switzerland

The Heidelberger Hütte (2264 m) is a German Alpine Club refuge. It is in the municipality of Valsotin Switzerland, but is managed from Ischgl ( Tyrol ) in Austria. It was built in 1889 and since then has been repeatedly renovated and expanded. We approached the refuge from Ischgl through the Fimbatal valley. There are access routes from Switzerland (not explored on this trip). A pleasant stop for lunch. Meal #2 in Country #2 today.

Swiss registered Land Rover Defender.

Date of Visit: 5 September 2020

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