Puigcerdà – Enveitg Border Crossings

Around Puigcerdà there are many road and tracks that cross the border. This is small rural road between Puigcerdà and Enveitg which runs parallel to the international railway line. It is narrow and has passing points as it is not wide enough for 2 vehicles.

I was advised to visit it because in addition to BM # 467 the is an unusual monument with the names of both towns transcribed on their respective sides. The crossing was straightforward to locate but when I arrived I discovered a number of changes since my fellow border enthuiasts had visited with the old monument replaced with a more substantial new one.

I visited the railway crossing later in the day after visiting the Latour – Enveitg Railway Station, My report on that visit is here.

Note the railway border crossing with 2 contrasting BM’s numbered the same (with variants) as the road crossing.

Road Crossing

Looking from Spain into France
Old Monument Source: Peter Hering
BM #467
BM #467
New monument
New Monument

Railway Crossing

There were no signs where the rail tracks cross the border this is in contrast with other railway crossing points I have visited where there was clear demarcation: AT/DE and DE/FR. I did not (for reasons I cannot remember photograph BM #467/1 which I regret).

Looking France into Spain
Looking from Spain into France
BM # 467/2
BM 467/2

Date of Visit: 11.08.2020

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