Reit im Winkl – a divided golf course

Reit im Winkl is a small Bavarian alpine village of just over 3000 inhabitants near the border with the Austrian Tyrol. It is a popular holiday destination, a town on the Deutschen Alpenstraße that links Lindau to Berchtesgaden through amazing alpine scenery. We however were there for a geographical curiosity as part of the IBRG AT20 trip. The Golf Club Reit im Winkl e.V. in Kössen Austria lies on the border with neighbouring Bavaria. A walk around the course involves travelling between the 2 countries. The border is very clearly marked with main and subsidiary border markers, with the edges of the fairway being also marked with border posts. Slice a shot and you end up in another country. I am aware of 2 other divided golf courses: Haparanda in Sweden and Claviere in Italy. Do you know any others? Comments below.

Note the border markers #21 and #22

Border marker #22

A warning sign and BM #22

Subsidiary markers between BM #22 and BM#21

BM #21/10
BM #21/3 to BM #21/2

The small subsidiary markers were clear to see, the newer concrete block ones had D (for Deutschland) wheres the older ones had B (for Bayern). BM #21 as a main marker included the country flags and was at a point where the border met the small road.

BM #21/5 to BM#21/6
BM #21/1
BM #21/6
BM # 21/5
BM #21/2

Border marker #21 & a small border crossing.

Impressive BM #21 and national signs sited very close to one another. The tee 18 must be unique in the world of golf being below a national border sign.

The (un)divided house

In the field its possible to confuse yourself. Looking along the border it seemed as if the roof overhang was in Germany whilst the house itself was in Austria. The map to the left suggests otherwise. However the garden was definitely divided by the border.

The border is straight through the garden slightly to the left of the roof overhang.

Other parts of the golf course.

The were markers galore along the edge of the fairways as well as some interesting unofficial signs too.

Markers along the side of the course
 “Is there a border here? Everything’s a matter of perspective.”

Date of Visit: 7 September 2020

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