Scheibelberg – a secondary tripoint.

The Scheibelberg (1239m) is the point where the federal states of Bayern (DE) Tyrol and Salzburg (AT) meet. The second secondary tripoint of the IBRG AT20 trip. A tripoint at a regional level and an international border too. Our journey began at Waidring, Austria and involved a 5km journey along a toll road to Gasthof Steinplatte and then a further 1 hour walk to our destination.

The alpine scenery never disappoints even though the weather could have been better, with rain and a low cloud cover. This area is popular both in summer and in winter. Hiking and mountain biking are the pastimes in summer whereas it is the traditional winter sports that predominate in winter. This does mean however that the chair lifts, snow making machines and associated equipment look strangely out of place without any snow.

The route was well signposted and it was easy to spot not only the national borders but the regional ones too.

The monument at the top was worthy of a tripoint but without it would be easy to walk right by without noticing.

The Scheibelberg (1239m)

Salzburg Symbol
Bayern Symbol
Tirol Symbol

Other Border Markers

There were a plethora are smaller border markers. One unusually with a “T” designation, for Tyrol. I had not seen that in any of the other markers observed on this trip. There was also a grand marker on the border between Salzburg and Tyrol.

Rare T designation
Into the mist
The border moves to the right of the ski lift.
Internal AT marker between Salzburg and Tirol.

Date of Visit 7 September 2020

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