La Seu d’Urgell – Sant Julia de Loria border crossing

The border between Andorra and Spain is in the Pyrenees between northern Spain and southern Andorra. It is 64 kilometres long. It is the outer border of the EU, as Andorra is not part of the EU, nor Schengen and therefore there are full passport and custom checks.

The Andorran-Spanish border crossing at Sant Julia de Loria / La Seu d’Urgell is the major crossing point between Andorra and Spain.

Compared with the crossing point at Pas de Casa this border was more rigerous and strict. There are other roads crossing the border to Spain – one to the pene enclave of Os de Civís (my report here) and one via Port de Cabús (although this is a challenging rural track on the Spanish side of the border open only between June and October, details here). There are currently no rail links although one is planned, details here.

Spanish Customs

Shortly after clearing passport control, which in my case was a slow drive through, all vehicles enter a Spanish customs facility and some are stopped for a vehicle check. I was one of those. The Spanish official was very polite and checked the boot (trunk) and interior.

Date of Visit: 12.08.2020

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