Narva-2 Piiripunkt

Narva is linked to Ivangorod by 3 crossing points. Narva 2 is a pedestrian footbridge for Estonian and Russian citizens (and third country citizens with residency permits). The 185-meter Parussinka pedestrian bridge between the border crossing points was built in 1980, but fell in disrepair before closing in 2015. It was fully renovated and reopened in November 2017 after several postponements due to delays on the Russian side. Narva 2 as an EU external crossing point has security fencing and an integrated security system both at the checkpoint but also along the river banks. The reconstruction of the Narva-2 border crossing and the Parussinka pedestrian bridge cost € 957,000. It’s aim was to reduce pressure on Narva 1 and regenerate the areas around the crossing.

Narva 2 is the northern bridge. The southern bridge to Kreenholnisaar is currently inaccessible. (2019)

Before and after Renovation (concept).

Source: VernonikaR (2014)

Foto: Riig Kinnisvara AS

December 2019

Date of Visit: 16.12.19

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