Estany de Font Negra (Estany de les Abelletes)

The lake is of particular interest to border enthusiasts for 2 reasons, firstly the border between Andorra and France goes through it and secondly, newly designed and erected border markers (the first and only ones on the Andorran border) mark the new border. In 2012 an agreement was reached which reconciled the disagreement about where the border was. The lake was divided in 2 and 6 new border markers (the first on any Andorran border) were erected. Maps, photos and more details in my report here

2 thoughts on “Estany de Font Negra (Estany de les Abelletes)

  1. Great findings Barry! So much has changed here since our last visit 4 yrs ago! And Andorran bordermarkers – wow! Couldn,t believe my eyes…👍

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